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    Viva Ponata V2 is a violent world full of opportunities. Start your pornstar career now, if you can. Set up your own movie studio, you wish. Follow your path & unlock your achievements, reach your goals. Be a leader or a legend. Get rich or die crying! You think you can survive in Viva Ponata?
    Unique game, brutal story-line. Mean community, make new enemies. Adult content allowed, no limits. Sign up now!!


    1. New Scandal System, join the battle!
    2. New Perks, grab yours now!
    3. New Private Brothel, start pimping!
    4. New House Sharing, live with your spouse!
    5. New Stealth Tools, go get them!
    6. New Pet Fight & Missions!

    TOP 25

    September, 2014:  Jail Busts.

    1. Miss Mosh VP
    2. Navin VP
    3. carlapm VP
    4. Ramirez HOL
    5. Garnet USA

    Industry Reward, Top Studio

    Studio of the Month: n/a
    President: n/a VP